Delivery Information

We will mail products within 3 days of us accepting the order. Customers will be provided Tracking id only after 3 working days from the date of shipment. Goods will be shipped either by Regular Mail Service or by Express Mail Service. 

Tracking id will help the customers to track their goods in real time by either calling USPS toll free number of by USPS website.

Postage and handling charges will vary depending on delivery method.

Orders will be delivered by United States Postal Service.

Shipping time will vary according to the mode of shipping and maximum duration of delivery of the goods is 4 - 6 weeks 

We will advise you within 4 – 6 weeks if there may be a delay. 

Any export restrictions that may apply are the responsibility of the customer. 

If the goods are returned to us due to non availability of the customer or any other member of the house then we will reship the goods to the customer once we receive the goods. 

Reshipping will also be done if the goods are received physically damaged.